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Transforming the lives of millions of farmers and rural communities through the power of radio


Farmers' Voice Radio enables farming communities to access and share the knowledge they need to succeed. Radio is the most affordable and accessible media in developing countries: it is trusted, 

inclusive and has a rapid, wide reach. 


Farmers' Voice Radio brings farmers together in community settings to discuss their challenges on the radio. Other local experts contribute their perspectives and knowledge.

Together they find practical solutions. 


These discussions are broadcast to hundreds of thousands of farmers in the most remote locations in local languages. Listeners can contribute to discussions and ask questions via SMS and voice message, increasing participation.


The conversation continues off-air, building stronger connections between producers, agri-businesses and consumers, and growing sustainable rural communities.

We are making all our Farmers’ Voice Radio materials freely available to any organisation that seeks to raise the voices and improve the economic situation of smallholder farmers. Download our Resources now and get started!


“One of the greatest advantages of LYF’s [Farmers' Voice Radio] programme is the ease with which it can be adapted to a variety of contexts, scales and budgets and still have a substantial impact. Once the smallholder group, extension officers and radio presenters have received training, they take ownership of the radio programmes.”

Linda Lisser, Responsible Sourcing Manager, Ringtons

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