We all rely on food and other items produced by some of the world's poorest farmers. By donating to Farmers' Voice Radio, you help rural communities in developing countries to access and share the knowledge they need to become more sustainable. Together we are building and resourcing a network of Farmers' Voice Radio practitioners who use participatory radio to tackle the issues that are most important to smallholder farmers and so most important to us. 


We are asking companies and individuals to invest in the development, testing and maintenance

of our new Farmers' Voice Radio online platform – making Farmers' Voice Radio

available to millions of farmers globally.  

£10 allows us to translate and transcribe one radio programme into English

£25 is the cost of airtime for one 15-minute radio programme

£60 can buy a recordable, solar-powered radio for group listening in rural communities

£100 is the cost of holding a farmer listener group meeting

£250 will enable us to package up one Farmers' Voice Radio training module 

£500 will help us to develop technical materials for specific crops and themes 

£1,000 will allow us to produce a video series explaining how to use Farmers' Voice Radio

£2,000 is the cost of training future Farmers' Voice Radio practitioners in their community 


We are also looking for pro-bono support: if you have skills in the areas of IT systems,

software development, intellectual property rights or film-editing and would be

willing to donate your time, we would love to hear from you.

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