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Download a pdf of the Code of Conduct here


In keeping with its vision and values, the Lorna Young Foundation (LYF) is committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct amongst all its employees and partners. This Code of Conduct details the LYF’s expectations of employees and partners in key areas. 

Scope and purpose 

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the conduct expected of all LYF contracted staff and consultants, trustees, volunteers and partners. The Code is applicable at all times. Breaches of the Code of Conduct are grounds for disciplinary action, and the termination of Partnership Agreements and Service Contracts. 

Whilst recognising that local laws and cultures differ considerably from one country to another, the LYF is an International Non-Governmental Organisation, and therefore the Code of Conduct is developed from international and UN standards. LYF staff, consultants and partners are expected to uphold local law wherever they operate, except where the Code of Conduct is more stringent, in which case the Code applies. 

Mission and values 

The LYF’s mission is to reduce poverty by helping disadvantaged groups via the medium of information exchange and ethical trading. 

The fundamental values that underpin all the activity of this organisation are: 


Everything the LYF does will be able to stand the test of scrutiny by the public, the media, charity and company regulators, members, stakeholders, funders, Parliament and the courts. 

Integrity and honesty 

These will be the hallmarks of all conduct when dealing with colleagues within the LYF and equally when dealing with individuals and institutions outside it. 


The LYF strives to maintain an atmosphere of openness throughout the organisation to promote confidence of the public, stakeholders, staff, charity and company regulators and Parliament. 

Code of Conduct Standards 

As an LYF employee, consultant or partner I will: 

Uphold the integrity and reputation of the LYF by ensuring that my professional and personal conduct is consistent with the LYF’s values and standards 

  • I will treat all people fairly with respect and dignity 

  • I will seek to ensure that my conduct does not bring the LYF or my employer into disrepute and does not impact on or undermine my ability to undertake the role for which I am employed or contracted 

  • I will not work under the influence of alcohol or use, or be in possession of, illegal substances whilst working for LYF and /or LYF’s partner 


Not engage in abusive or exploitative conduct 

  • I will not engage in sexual activity with children (persons under the age of 18). Mistaken belief in the age of a child is not a defence 

  • I will not exchange money, employment, goods or services for sex, including sexual favours or other forms of humiliating, degrading or exploitative behaviour. This includes any exchange of assistance that is due to beneficiaries of assistance 

  • I will not engage in sexual relationships with beneficiaries of assistance, since they are based on inherently unequal power dynamics 

  • I will not engage in any commercially exploitative activities with children or vulnerable adults including child labour or trafficking I will not physically assault a child or vulnerable adult 

  • I will not emotionally or psychologically abuse a child or vulnerable adult 


Ensure the safety, health and welfare of all LYF staff members and associated personnel (trustees, volunteers, partners, suppliers and contractors) 

  • I will adhere to all legal and organisational health and safety requirements in force at my location of work 

  • I will comply with any local security guidelines and be pro-active in informing management of any necessary changes to such guidelines 

  • I will behave in a manner such as to avoid any unnecessary risk to the safety, health and welfare of myself and others, including partners and communities with whom we work 


Be responsible for the use of information, assets and resources to which I have access by reason of my work with the LYF 

  • I will ensure that I use the assets and resources entrusted to me by the LYF in a responsible manner and will account for all money and property 

  • If I am given or loaned IT equipment by the LYF, I will NOT: o Use this, or any associated software or social media platform, to engage in activity that is illegal under local or international law or that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, including intimidation or extremism. 

       o Use this to view, download, create, distribute or save in any format inappropriate or abusive material including but            not limited to pornography or depictions of child abuse 

       o Use this for personal purposes, in particular gambling 

       o Introduce new software or applications that have not been permitted by a LYF staff member or partner. Only software        that is used for business applications may be used. 

       o Let any unauthorised person have access to the equipment 

       o Open or download any unknown files or messages without first checking for viruses 


  • I will not send emails or any other form of communication that could be deemed as hateful, abusive, bullying or harassment 

  • I will keep all information regarding this project confidential, including the identity of listeners or community members 

Perform my duties and conduct my private life in a manner that avoids conflicts of interest 

  • I will declare any financial, personal or family (or close intimate relationship) interest in matters of official business which may impact on the work of the LYF 

  • I will not be involved in awarding benefits, contracts for goods or services, employment or promotion within the LYF and LYF projects, to any person with whom I have a financial, personal, family (or close intimate relationship) interests 

  • I will seek permission before agreeing to being nominated as a prospective candidate or another official role for any political party 

  • I will not accept significant gifts or any remuneration from governments, communities with whom we work, donors, suppliers and other persons which have been offered to me as a result of my work with the LYF 


Uphold confidentiality 

  • I will exercise due care in all matters of official business, and not divulge any confidential information relating to colleagues, work-related matters or any sensitive information unless legally required to do so 


Complaints and reports 

LYF and partner personnel are obligated to bring to the attention of the relevant manager any potential incident, abuse or concern that they witness, are made aware of, or suspect which appears to breach the Standards contained in this Code. LYF employees and partners reporting concerns are protected by the Whistleblowing policy. 

LYF and partner personnel who have a complaint or concern relating to breach of the Code should report it immediately to their line manager. If the complainant does not feel comfortable reporting to their line manager (for example if they feel that the report will not be taken seriously, or if that person is implicated in the concern) they may report to any other appropriate staff member. For example, this could be a senior manager or a trustee at LYF or the partner organisation. 

LYF and partner personnel receiving reports or concerns are obliged to action or refer the report immediately as per the LYF Complaints Policy and procedures. 

In accepting this role on an LYF project, I undertake to discharge my duties and to regulate my conduct in accordance with the requirements of this Code. 

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