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 This project follows on from two shea projects in northern Ghana that have recently come to an end, click here to read about the results of these projects.

Farmers Voice Radio listeners- Shea butter producers at work at Tungtieya Womens Associati

Northern Region 



Tungteiya Women’s Association, Solidaridad, The Body Shop International,

Cargill Zor and Global Shea Alliance


Dutch Government FVO Fund, The Body Shop International  and Cargill Zor


July 2021- June 2024

Target audience: 

Shea nut collecting communities across Northern Region


Radio Programme: 

‘Kpihi Saha’ = ‘Shea time’ on Zaa FM and Simli Radio

Project overview:

This Farmers' Voice Radio project aims to increase incomes and improve livelihoods among shea producing communities in the Northern Region, leading to a stronger and more resilient shea supply chain.


Women shea butter producers in Ghana are under huge pressure, and the global supply of shea butter is at risk. Climate change and unsustainable agricultural and land management practices are affecting yields and quality. A recent ITC report identified gender inequality, inadequate health provision and environmental threats to the shea parkland as key risks to the shea supply chain. Poor infrastructure, low education levels and gender dynamics hinder access to essential information, particularly for women.


Farmers’ Voice Radio will work in collaboration with ​ Solidaridad, The Body Shop International, Cargill Zor, Tungteiya Women’s Association and the Global Shea Alliance to achieve the following planned outcomes:

  1. Improved quality and safety of shea butter production of 10,000 women by 2024

  2. Improved business skills and collective marketing from 10,000 women in the target 10 communities by year 2024

  3. Increased number of women undertake alternative income generating activities (minimum 800).

  4. Improved understanding of sustainable parkland management around 10 target Associations and action plan to secure the ongoing improvement in the management of Shea

  5. Improved sustainable due diligence process within the shea supply chain.


This will be achieved through Farmers’ Voice Radio programmes produced by Programme Reference Groups made up of shea nut collectors in two communities, facilitated by Solidaridad and Tungteiya. These radio programmes will be broadcast twice weekly on 2 radio stations (Zaa FM and Simli Radio) in Dagbani language. The radio programmes will address the key issues affecting shea workers and will broadcast shea price updates. Technical inputs will be provided by the Global Shea Alliance and other partners and stakeholders in the project. N’Kalo will provide the shea market information updates for the radio programmes and training. Communal Listening Sessions will be set up in 10 target communities to ensure women have access to the radio programmes. Listeners will also have an opportunity to provide their feedback and ask questions through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Listener Feedback System.


The radio programmes will be broadcast alongside face-to-face training on areas related to gender smart business skills, collective marketing, health and safety, climate smart agriculture, income diversification for up to 5720 women. Income diversification training will include the establishment of 10 food and technology demonstration plots for women on the borders of farms.  In addition, the project will also include community advocacy related to shea parkland management.


This project follows on from the successful pilot project, funded by The Body Shop, that was completed last year. Click here to read the results and learning from this previous project.

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