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I am a practise page...

It doesn't matter if you break me! Are you sure?


Farmers Voice Radio enables farming communities to access and share the knowledge they need to succeed. Radio is the most affordable and accessible media in  developing countries: it is trusted, 

inclusive and has a rapid, wide reach. 


Farmers Voice Radio brings farmers together to discuss their challenges on the radio. Agricultural advisers and supply chain actors contribute their expertise and learning. Together they find practical solutions. 

These discussions are broadcast to hundreds of thousands of farmers in the most remote locations in local language. Listeners can contribute and ask questions via SMS and voice message.


The conversation continues off-air, building stronger connections between producers, agri-businesses and consumers and growing sustainable rural communities.

​“Farmers Voice Radio is an exciting and innovative channel which really allows the farmers to be able to articulate their concerns Farmers Voice Radio is proving a real resource and having a big impact” 

Professor Rosalind Cornforth, Director of the Walker Institute

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