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  • Hannah Clark

Latin America Academy coffee campaign

Photo credit: Caravela

Coffee is one of Latin America’s most famous exports and yet many farmers in the region are struggling.

This autumn our Farmers’ Voice Radio Academy Latin America campaign will bring together the UK coffee scene from roasteries to cafes to provide a unique training opportunity that will uplift thousands of Latin American farmers from poverty through the power of participatory radio.

The farmers who produce coffee in this region are facing significant challenges and shocks such as from climate change, fluctuating market prices, access to markets and crop disease.

One Colombian farmer called Hernan said "A radio programme would be highly beneficial for all of us coffee farmers because it has potential to get to every corner of the area. We depend on coffee, on agriculture; so if the subjects are constructive the impact would be great."

The Academy will train local organizations who work with small holder farmers on the tools to air their own radio programmes specific to the needs of the communities whom they serve. Over a two-month period participants will receive one to one business coaching, access to a community of practice, the chance to apply for a start up grant and two months worth of virtual training. Radio programmes that are aired will put farmers own voices at the forefront and empower communities to share ideas and knowledge amongst their peers.

Farmers’ Voice Radio has had incredible longstanding support from the coffee sector including Darkwoods Coffee, Cup North and North Star Coffee Roasters and hope to work with many more independent coffee heroes as part of this campaign.

Partnering with us can offer many benefits for example consumer data suggests that 70% of millenials are more likely to buy from a brand if they are aligned with a meaningful cause they care about.

Please do join our Latin America campaign this autumn and put the power of participatory radio in the hands of smallholder farmers.

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